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Name: Ruby
Where did you meet Sticky: Out with his Mom
Describe Your Encounter: After he winked at me and I was his love at first pet.  But I understand Sticky, I mean you can’t tie a dog like you down; you need to be free to roll on the grass and get tummy rubs from other ladies.  But you will always have a spot on my lap.
Name: Auntie Helen
Where did you meet Sticky: via his Mom, Sharon
Describe Your Encounter: he ran circlesaround himself and me and everything and everyone in sight... so fast, I almost didn't see him, he was a white blur.  
Then he had the nerve to want tummy rubs and wouldn't stay put for a million kisses.  Typical male.  Tee hee!
Name: Randi Ivkovic
Where did you meet Sticky: WESP program
Describe Your Encounter: Lots of tummy rubs, tummy rubs, and tummy rubs!
Name: Perry
Where did you meet Sticky: at the WESP
Describe Your Encounter: Sticky is a nice and friendly pooch!
Name: Penny
Where did you meet Sticky: through Mom at work
Describe Your Encounter: brief intro on your visit to the office... but never to be forgotten.  Saw your pics, courtesy of your proud Mom!
Name: Maria Teresa C.
Where did you meet Sticky: WESP program
Describe Your Encounter: Tummy rubs, tummy rubs, and more tummy rubs!
Name: the other aunt Roze
Where did you meet Sticky: in the courtyard
Describe Your Encounter: This was before he had a wardrobe... and before he had fame.  He just wanted a belly rub, I guess he hasn't changed much!
Name: Anne
Where did you meet Sticky: Sears Scarborough Town Centre
Describe Your Encounter: Sticky and Sharon came in near the Lindt display and I had to let Sticky know how great he looked in his Roots jacket and cap!
Name: jim mccarthy
Where did you meet Sticky: dog fight
Describe Your Encounter: Sticky was hanging on to this Doberman's neck, trying to rip him to pieces.  Unaware of what was happening the Doberman sneezed and sent Sticky flying into my arms
Name: Gege
Where did you meet Sticky: Zellers
Describe Your Encounter: I was entranced by Sticky's darling new outfit!
Name: Ruby
Where did you meet Sticky: in my dreams
Comments: Hi Sticky, miss you lots, oh and your parents too!  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year.  The MooMoo may want to hang out one day he says.
Favourite Sticky picture or trading card: I love the video of Stick in the snow with his hat on
Name: Louise a.k.a. Araminta Louise of Blue Note
Location: Toronto
Comments - where did you see The Stick? : Well, to be honest we have not yet met.  Word of Sticky preceded him!  I met his mother today and was invited to check out his web site.  Now I think I'll ask the powers that be for a website of my own!

Favourite Sticky picture or trading card:
Name: Jack
Location: Toronto
Comments - where did you see The Stick? : Caught a ride with Sticky on his way home from a Saturday afternoon downtown shopping trip - looks like he had bought his Mom some fashion accessories on Bloor St. to ensure she kept up with his stylish fashion sense.  Made plans for a poker night...
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Name: Shaun
Location: Toronto
Comments - where did you see The Stick? : We met Sticky while he was riding his mom's chair - Oh Sticky!  They had just finished buying up some new duds at the doggy store on Cumberland.  He looked super-cute in his wool hat and matching jacket and boots!  Lil' Stick brightened my day.
Favourite Sticky picture or trading card:Admiral Sticky!
Favourite Sticky picture or trading card: Tom Sellick look alike shot in a Hawaiian shirt straight from the North Shore of Hawaii
Name: Anne
Location: Toronto
Comments - where did you see The Stick? : Talked to his mom just today, April 8/10 and she told me that Sticky was relaxed on the couch slowly
digesting his enriched lunch.  Finger licking good!!!!!
Name: Julie
Location: Yorkdale - Pink Paw
Comments - where did you see The Stick? : Hi Sticky! You are such a beautiful dog.  Maybe you have more hats and clothes than I do!  So cute!
Favourite Sticky picture or trading card: I like all of the pictures
Name: Tijana
Location: Toronto, Real Canadian Superstore
Comments: He's a doll.  Love it when I see him!
Favourite Sticky picture or trading card:
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Name: Bri & Steve
Location: Toronto, Harbourfont
Comments: Stole our hearts at the Harbourfront
Favourite Sticky picture or trading card: Sgt. Sticker leads the way
2017 picture
Sticky in a famous painting,
Long tongued
of Sticky
flying squirrel
mountain top guru
, out back
groovy smoking jacket
Sticky's shack
"  sled dog
- Civil War-era tintype
Little devil
Mountain Man
tree giraffe
"Admiral Sticky"
French stick
Lion thing
Call of the wild
Sticky in the grass
Little Mosque On The Prairie
Mud paw
Sticky "postage stamp" idea
General Sticker
summer 2010
Last day of summer, 2011
getting shaggy, Oct. 2011
& Peter Lawford
St. Moritz
Hollywood glamour 1950's
shopping for a new brass bed
Large portrait
The Mummy
Hundred Acre Wood
lost in England, maybe
Rock Star
Sticky's Castle - Scottish getaway
deep sea diver
basking in the autumn sun, Nov. 2011
Hound of the Stickervilles
-er, dog - Sticky rides his motorcycle
white tiger
winter 2012
"Sweet Daddy Sticky"
Sticky in mid-April
lingerie display
War of 1812
pirate ship wallpaper
fire engine
of 2012
Stick-tanic in 3D
Rat patrol
Sticky leaks
Walking "small"
Academy Awards
Sir Stick-a-lot
a dog's breakfast
cigar picture
Mask of Zorro
, 2012
, Oct.
Viking ship
coffee & doughnuts
TTC jacket
biker jacket
desert hawg
Niagara Falls
The Time Tunnel
Eyefull tower
sand box
C.N. tower
tower of pizza
Northern Giraffe
Robin Hood
tower of pizza
"Arctic Air
Tobacco road - Sticky's mug shot
, another 2013
miniature albino sasquatch!
and Bunnyfoot
action shot!
hockey stick
Super Sticky!
in a store
and his super-costume
Prehistoric Stickers!
Weird Stickers
Saintly Sticky (in church)
(November 2013) - gobble gobble
autumn 2012
autumn 2014
Route "Sixty Sticks"
Phoney Express
Bound for glory
(flightless bird)
Gun fight at "S.T." corral
Stick "E" coyote
waiting outside the men's room
Andy Warhol
daring thong
13th birthday Aug. 25, 2016
Hawaiian shirt
pink mohawk .  haircut
circus boy
flea circus
Sticky's island
Stickyland fantasy theme park
Golden Mile
Sticky's "tongue" bookmarks
, early Nov. 2014
on Mars
red leather hat
, early Feb. 2015
red winter parka
Roman baths
Count "Stick-u-la"
Wacky Cadillac
Sticky's sister
Sticky Wiki
Jaguar XKE sports car
Privacy Policy
coming soon
Google's little dog
cartoon was very good (summer 2013)
Canada Day picnic July 2015
The Night Watch
Sticky's red boots
space odyssey
"Curious Sticky"
Tonight Show with Sticky Toffee
May 2014
reflecting pool
Queen Victoria
"Lady Toffee"
Space Dog!
Green Beret
castle moat - a 2017 picture
Sticky out back, summer 2016
baseball .jersey
summer bliss
woods picture
logging camp
Earth Day
autumn 2016 .picture
baby Sticky
Great Pumpkin
Sticky's store
new bed
in the woods
Sticky in the grass
Tough guy
raised by eagles
haircut .March 2016
summer is over
gingerbread boy
Big Horse
early September
vintage pilot
ski patrol
off to see the wizzer!