First half of 2021

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First half of 2021

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(This message is being edited) So the virus pandemic notwithstanding (and talk about an explosion of creative energy and crafting!) we managed... a fair amount of progress going into the summer:

• three new (used) computers. Two new monitors, not including iPad-like, Samsung tablets
• initial experiments with the WordPress platform. Helloooo, fixing up the store.
• I started looking at videos were other people were laying out comic strips in (say) Photoshop
• the phpBB forums stabilized
• I figured out how to add a chiron to the Sticky videos
• I acquired an Intuos graphic tablet, and managed to make it work!!!
• I downloaded some original Peanuts and "Cartoonist Profiles"-related materials for analysis. (1st time!)

Did you know? Snoopy did not have articulated "fingers", at least not in the early strips. This seems strange because the ability to put in loose, funny little hands and fingers is one of my strengths. What's more there is a DAZ mouse now that's based on Genesis 8 (!) and yeppers... the mouse has fully articulated fingers. Mister Trouble never hangs around...!!!

We were particularly surprised to see that the current e-book versions of the old B+W Fawcett paperbacks of "Peanuts" work very well on the Samsung (eg. Android) tablets. In color too! Also (big surprise) Katherine McNeel's name is in the Peanuts e-book so it would appear that the family made changes to the syndication?

McNeel provided the push and "Ooompf!" for strips such as Doonesbury and "Cathy" by Cathy Guisewite.

Sadly, Katherine McNeel passed away earlier this month.

Anyway onwards and upwards... forever and everlasting thanks to Marc Mosher for his support on the sidelines.

- Roman
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