About the Sticky Forum

This board (or "forum") relates to Sticky Toffee, a cute little dog who lived in Toronto, Canada. Sticky passed away on September 6th, a few days after his 16th birthday. The system administrator ("Admin") is Roman Kowalczuk; you may send e-mail to "roman" at sticky doggy dot com, or to "tnssbbs" at Hotmail dot com. Roman is Sticky's father, and he is the guy who took all the funny pictures, and he drew the cartoons etc.

For various legacy and development reasons this board is hosted at what used to be Yahoo in northern California. They (Yahoo) got sold to the Verizon group a couple of years ago. Yahoo's hosting is kind of so-so, fair to middling but sometimes quirky. What can you do.

We are running the open source "phpBB" software. The board was incepted in April of 2019.

At the moment this is pretty much a "stock" phpBB board so you may find that many of the help files and prompts will display fairly generic information that doesn't directly apply to Sticky or his fans. "COPPA" is referenced prominently for example.

It is possible to visit the various web pages of the phBB project and to download the user guide and so on.

Our basic privacy policy is that we do not, as a rule, collect personal information and whatever we may collect from time to time (such as your TCP/IP e-mail address if you write to any of us) is pretty much kept under lock and key and we generally don't mess around. As you probably know, accidents do happen and from time to time people do find hard drives and laptops in the dumpster and they sell picture to the National Enquirer but we try hard not to be like that. Anyway...

A more detailed privacy policy and follow-up links WILL BE POSTED SOON. These notes were last updated on Monday April 15, 2019.